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NEWS 9.25.2019 We've just added a bunch of new titles our roster of games! Check out our new games Altered Beast by Sega, B. Rap Boys by Kaneko, Commando by Capcom, Super Contra by Konami, Toki by Fabtek, & Zombie Raid by American Sammy! 8.2.2019 We've just added a few more titles our roster of games! Check out our new games Wrestlemania by Midway & Manic Panic Ghosts by Sega! We've also added new board games to our collection. Sit down and play Fluxx, Back to the Future - the Card game, Spite & Malice, Cards against Humanity, Starlight Stage, Love Battle High School, Sailor Moon Crystal - Dice Challenge, plus loads of expansions for Heart of Crown! 6.20.2019 We're proud to celebrate our first year offering you the best arcade experience in Toledo! WE've added somE Exciting new games to our roster of games! New ti the lineup is Para Para Paradise 2 by Konami, ReRave by Step Revolution, and SPY - Special Project Y by konami, plus a new Arcade 1up featuring Mortal Kombat 1-3 by Midway! If you want to win some cool prizes, we've just added a UFO catcher for your chance to win some plush! 5.24.2019 The weather is heating up, and so is our roster of games! We've added X- Men: Children of the Atom by Capcom,  Revolution X (yep, that game featuring Aerosmith) by Midway, our first adults-only cabinet, Gals Panic 2 by kaneko, and a new Arcade 1up featuring Final Fight, 1944, Ghosts n Goblins, and Strider by Capcom! 4.25.2019 We're excited to announce even more additions to our roster of games:  Guitar Freaks 9 by Konami, Virtua On by Sega, Crime Fighters by Konami, and Ninja Assault by Namco! 4.20.2019 We have some new games Join our roster of games: Farcry - Paradise Lost by Global VR, Ninja Gaiden by Tecmo, and Snow Bros by Toaplan!
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