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NEWS 10.15.2020 wE'VE BEEN RECEIVING A LOT OF QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON WITH lEVEL 419. wE'VE STARTED ADVERTISING A GRAND OPENING, & ARE SLOWLY GOING TO ROLL OUT EVENT CONCEPTS IN THE COMING WEEKS. hOWEVER, WE STILL DON'T HAVE A FIXED DATE OPEN YET. wE'VE BEEN HAVING SOME VERY UNUSUAL ISSUES WITH THE LANDLORD AT THE OLD LOCATION WHICH UNFORTUNATELY PREVENTS US FROM COMMITING TO A RE-OPENING DATE. wE'RE ALSO WORKING ON SECURING A NEW LOCATION, WHICH IS IN ITSELF HOLDING SOME UNIQUE CHALLENGES. we REMAIN FOCUSED ON PROVIDING A FANTASTIC ARCADE EXPERIENCE TO OUR PATRONS, SO LET'S DISCUSS THE NEW DIRECTION WE'RE TAKING level 419 IN. we’ve BEEN MONITORING OUR GAME USAGE CLOSELY THESE PAST FEW YEARS, & HAVE DECIDED TO START FOCUSING ON THE GAMES WHICH GET THE MOST ATTENTION. we’ll STILL BE OFFERING A HUGE VARIETY OF GAMES, WE WILL SIMPLY BE OFFERING A MORE FOCUSED EXPERIENCE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS. wE PLAN ON EXPANDING OUR FOOD OFFERINGS & OFFERING MORE TABLES TO SIT AT & RELAX. wE'LL BE STARTING SMALL AT FIRST, OFFERING A VARIETY OF jAPANESE SNACKS & OTHER GOODIES TO ENJOY. OUR GOAL IS TO EXPAND INTO AREAS LIKE BUBBLE TEA, SHAKES, & OTHER CONCESSIONS. oUR FINAL FORM WILL BE SERVING ADULT BEVERAGES FOR OUR OLDER PATRONS! wE'RE ALSO GOING TO BE OFFERING ADDITIONAL PROMOTIONS & EVENTS, INCLUDING PRIZE TOURNAMENTS. depending ON HOW THINGS GO, WE WILL BE DISCUSSING EXPANDING OUR HOURS. tHERE ARE A LOT OF EXCITING THINGS IN THE PIPELINE FOR lEVEL 419! pLEASE CONTINUE SUPPORTING US AS WE CONTINUE THIS LONG TRANSITION. 6.30.2020 Due to issues with our current lease, we will be closing shop for the next couple of weeks as we begin to move. This issue was dropped on us without warning. We will keep you posted when we are able to reopen. Thank you for your support! 5.18.2020 Level 419 will be re-opening May 22! Please note our new operating hours. We will be taking the following safety: 1. We'll be limiting our capacity to 10 customers at a time. Please call ahead to check our current count! 2. If youre sick, stay home & get better! 3. We'll be regularly Disinfecting our cabinets & provide wipes to help protect you & your loved ones! 4. Cotton Masks will be available for sale for just $3! Are you bummed your favorite anime convention was cancelled? BUF's OTaku Stop will be running an anime pop-up store at Level 419! Get your anime fix and received free admission to the arcade with every $50 purchase! We'll be welcoming you back with some new games! Missing your sports games on TV? Play them yourself with NFL Blitz 2000 by Midway, Blades of Steel  by Konami, & USA Turkey Hunting by Sammy!
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