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NEWS 11.20.2018 Box to become the world champ in our latest addition to the roster of games, the legendary Punch out! by Nintendo! 11.14.2018 We're starting to roll out the Arcade 1Up cabs onto the floor. The street Fighter 2 & Rampage cabs are live! we'll have the other two up & running by Thanksgiving! The List of games available on these units has been added to the roster of games! Speaking of the upcoming holiday, we'll be open on Thanksgiving for your post-turkey gaming needs! 10.26.2018 Tap your fingers to the beat in our latest addition to the roster of games  Reflec Beat by Konami! We've added a lot of additions to our roster of games for Shocktober. In case you missed the announcements, here's what we launched: Excite Bike Vs Groove Coaster 3 & 4 House of the DEad 2 Police 911 2 Time Crisis 9.27.2018 Put on your costumes and join us, if you dare, for Shocktober at Level 419! Brave our Costume Contest, raffle, & scoring contests! be astonished as we reveal new arcade cabinets! FAce your fears with are marathon of spooky movies! take refuge with complimentary refreshments & treats! All for the low price of $10! check out our events page for more information!
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